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We are a national organisation of neurodiverse or neurodivergent people. Become a member and access services, support and networks. 

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Our members are autistic, dyslexic, dyscalculic, dysgraphic, Tourettic, dyspraxic, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) plus friends, family and allies.

When you join the Society for Neurodiversity, you gain access to the S4Nd Community area of our website – a safe, private space where you can share interests, ask and answer questions, make friends and help build our online community. To access join or log in. 

Our Community area is a safe space.  It is private – you need to be a logged in member to access it and view its content. There are no ads or website suggestions and we will never share your data.  Find out more.

Featured article

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S4Nd is…

Chief Executive, Angie Balmer, reflects on the principles and inspirations that underpin and shape the Society for Neurodiversity.

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Peer support

Peer support can be defined as giving and receiving help. It is founded on the principles of respect, shared responsibility and a mutual agreement of…

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Website accessibility

It was always our intention that S4Nd would be “virtual”. For many neurodivergent people, the idea of having to go somewhere can sometimes be a step too far. Being virtual...

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Community Area

When you join the Society for Neurodiversity, you gain access to the S4Nd Community area of our website – a safe, private space where you…

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Mindful movement

Mindful movement Celebrating neurodiversity. Every day. Yoga Yoga can help improve emotional regulation, concentration and sleep and reduce symptoms of stress, low mood and sensory…

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Right to choice

We’re campaigning to make people are aware of their NHS patient choice rights about diagnosis. Anyone has the right to choose their service provider when…

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Our society blog includes posts from anyone involved in S4Nd. Topics range from personal experiences of reasonable adjustment at work to insider views of special areas of interest such as...

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We run a range of activities that offer opportunities to connect with like-minded people. All the activities are designed and planned by members. To access our…

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Our campaigns

Our campaigns Raising awareness and highlighting issues Celebrating neurodiversity. Every day. Our campaigns help raise awareness of neurodiversity and highlight issues affecting neurodiverse people. To…

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Our services

Our services Services by and for neurodiverse people Celebrating neurodiversity. Every day. We provide a range of members’ services including events and activities, to access join or log…

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Understanding Tourette’s

Find out what it's like to be Tourettic first-hand from society member Beth Greenwood. Beth shared her lived experience with other members at one of our online Moots in August...

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Get information about the latest S4Nd activity plus neurodiversity related links, developments and news stories from around the world.

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S4Nd is...

We asked our members to tell us what S4Nd is