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Society for Neurodiversity (S4Nd) is a neurodivergent member-led community-based organisation. Often, people join S4Nd because they need help. Charities exist to help people when a need arises. Convention dictates that people go to an organisation that offers help for their specific need and once that need is satisfied the relationship ends. S4Nd wants that relationship to continue. 

On a practical level, our community supports individuals that are struggling, but that’s not all we do. Check out What we do and our Mission and Values. We hope that will encourage you to become a member. Membership enables access to the Community area. S4Nds mission is aspirational and we will only be successful if we work together as a community.

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Our members are autistic, dyslexic, dyscalculic, dysgraphic, Tourettic, dyspraxic, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) plus friends, family and allies.

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When you become a member of the Society for Neurodiversity, you gain access to the community area of our website – a safe, private space where you can share interests, ask and answer questions, make friends and help build our online community. To access become a member or log in

Our community area is a safe space. It is private – you need to be a logged in member to access it and view its content. There are no adverts or suggested websites and we will never share your data. Find out more.

Featured : Right to Choice

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People still being denied “Right to choose” their service provider for diagnostic assessments

At S4Nd, we’re currently working hard on our ongoing campaign to raise awareness of how “Patient Choice” is still not being applied to Neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessments. Here’s our latest press release, which went out to a selection of national and regional media. We’re also sharing it on social media as it contains links to our newly published guide for individuals to use if they encounter similar problems. Here’s the release in full:

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patient choice

Right to Choice

Right to choice in mental health – Neurodevelopmental Conditions. This is S4Nds guide to Patient Choice regulations – based upon the Patient Choice chapter in NHS Law and Practice written by David Lock QC and Hannah Gibbs.

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We asked our members to share with us what S4Nd is/means (to them).

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