Society for Neurodiversity
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The Society for Neurodiversity (S4Nd) is a national, member-led organisation. We empower the mutual support of autistic and other neurodiverse (ND) people and campaign for better understanding and embracing of neurodiversity. 


Anyone can join S4Nd who is over 18 and identifies as neurodiverse, autistic (including Asperger’s Syndrome), dyslexic, dyscalculic, dysgraphic, Tourettic, dyspraxic (Developmental Coordination Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Friends, family and allies are also welcome.

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Society for Neurodiversity
Society for Neurodiversity


The Society for Neurodiversity (S4Nd) aims are:

  • Equality for neurodiverse (ND) people, neurodiversity inclusion and greater understanding and embracing of neurodiversity.
  • Engagement, connection and self-empowerment for ND people through membership of a mutually supportive community.
  • Development and innovation in neurodiversity-related areas through scientific research and knowledge.

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