Neurodiverse yoga

Hi, I’m Sally Brown from Bikebuddha Yoga. I’m a yoga teacher and academic researcher based in the north of England. My goal is to bring accessible, inclusive yoga to underserved people and places, including inner-city communities, older people, wheelchair users and neurodiverse people. 

As I am autistic myself, I am passionate about the benefits yoga can offer for neurodiversity. Yoga includes meditative elements that can help calm a busy mind. Elements such as breath work and postures can aid with some of the issues and challenges people with neurological difference can face, including sensory overload and anxiety. Yoga classes are also a great way to relax from social masking and take part in a parallel group movement activity. 

I run specialist yoga sessions designed to be beneficial to autistic and other neurodiverse people. My classes are always calm, light-and music-free and offer an opportunity to take a break from excess sensory input.

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I’ve also blogged about the importance of community yoga 

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It was always our intention that S4Nd would be “virtual”. For many neurodivergent people, the idea of having to go somewhere can sometimes be a step too far. Being virtual gives people better access – the members area is available to use 24 hours a day. Geography is not a barrier to the virtual world, so it does not matter that we are based in Calderdale. Being virtual means we can reach far more people and create a dedicated, safe space for people to connect through shared interests.

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Peer Support Groups

S4Nd’s peer support groups are run by and for neurodiverse people. The groups offer members mutual support, guidance and the sharing of information.All S4Nd peer support groups are open to anyone who identifies as neurodiverse. Groups are held monthly on Sundays using Zoom and take place from 2.30-4pm. They follow the same principles as the Moots


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