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Get help and find information to enable you to get more from our website and community area.

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We are working on a series of videos to help you navigate our website and community area to help improve your experience when visiting the Society for Neurodiversity online.


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In this video we introduce you to our new series of website help videos and explain what we mean when referring to the website and community area and the differences between the two.

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  1. Can we have all of the relevant referral documents and info uploaded somewhere on this website? Something that can be downloaded to print at home etc? I’d like to see our society used as a go-to site for all the info we’ll need on our diagnostic journeys.

  2. It’s a good idea to create these videos, however, they’d be even better if they were slowed down a little. I needed more time to read the closed captions (I wasn’t listening but often need both options); the visual guide around/scrolling up and down was to fast for comfort, it made me feel a bit dizzy – please take a bit more time to do all of this, I’m not in any hurry 🙂