Have your say to influence change in adult Autism and ADHD services

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The Society for Neurodiversity (CIO) (S4Nd) is a new national charity that supports neurodivergent people. To find out more about us visit our website www.s4nd.org

We are currently working on highlighting the barriers people face accessing neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessments (Autism and ADHD).

Navigating the healthcare system can be a lot of work for individuals and their families and is often fraught with pitfalls. In reality, patients are not presenting their case to a GP or health professional, commissioners and service providers also have influence over whether referrals are made and accepted.

Many people report experiencing significant barriers with some reporting feeling traumatised by their entire experience that has had a negative impact on their health and wellbeing.

There is injustice in pathways and it doesn’t need to be this way

We need your help.

To fully understand what barriers people are facing we are inviting people to complete our short questionnaire about Adult Autism and ADHD Services https://forms.gle/XbNEL7Czs9TabbRV6

The data you provide will help us to campaign for better pathways and diagnostic services.

Thank you.


The questionnaire uses skip logic. This means that questions you are asked are dependent upon how you answered previous questions. S4Nd would like the opportunity to ask follow-up questions depending on your responses. Not everyone will be asked to provide contact details. Your answers are anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact details if asked to.

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