Peer Support Groups

S4Nd’s peer support groups are run by and for neurodiverse people. The groups offer members mutual support, guidance and the sharing of information. 

All S4Nd peer support groups are open to anyone who identifies as neurodiverse. Groups are held monthly on Sundays using Zoom and take place from 2.30-4pm. They follow the same principles as the Moots

  • Thinking About Neurodiversity is for anyone considering they might be autistic, ADHD or otherwise neurodiverse. The group discusses practical support and information on topics ranging from approaching a GP seeking diagnosis to rights about diagnostic assessments. 
  • Peer Support Circle is a safe space for neurodiverse people to talk about the challenges of daily life. Members share experiences including problems at work or difficulties accessing health and care services in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. They are an ideal way to find out about things like Personal Independence Payments, Blue Badges, direct payments, housing etc.
  • Understanding Neurodiversity is for people newly identifying as neurodiverse or who want to know more. The group is an opportunity to find out what being neurodiverse means and to develop self-knowledge and understanding. 

Thinking About Neurodiversity meets on the first Sunday of the month, Peer Support Circle on the second and Understanding Neurodiversity on the third.

As well as our Peer Support Groups, we also offer One to one sessions on Sundays. You can find out more by visiting the Peer support page which goes into more detail.

There’s more information about S4Nd moots and how to join them in the community area. To access the S4Nd community area just log in, If you’re not already a member join S4Nd, membership is free.

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