Society for Neurodiversity AGM 2023

Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 1st Annual General Meeting of the Society for Neurodiversity will be held at:

VAC Resource Centre
8 Hall Street

In addition, this is a hybrid meeting – as well as being held at VAC, it will also be delivered online via Zoom at 5.00pm on Tuesday 21st March to transact the following business.


  1. Trustee Annual Report and Accounts 

To receive and consider the accounts for the year ended 31 Aug 2021 and 31 Aug 2022 and the reports of the charity trustees for the same periods. These can be found on the S4Nd Website

  1. Appointment of charity trustees

No names have been put forward for election or re-election as charity trustees.

  1. Following the AGM the charity intends to undertake a trustee recruitment and induction process after which the retiring trustees are permitted to appoint the new trustees.
  2. Once the new board of trustees is formed it is proposed that an Ordinary General Meeting will be called for members to attend to consider changes to the Governing Document so that it is formally written into the constitution that meetings of the charity can take place wholly or partially online.

Please Note 

Any member of the CIO may appoint another person as a proxy to exercise all or any of that member’s rights to attend, speak and vote at a general meeting. This is known as a proxy notice. Proxies must be appointed by a notice. A proxy notice is included in the registration process.

To attend the AGM you need to register by 12pm 21 Mar 2022.

The Trustees Annual Reports and Financial Accounts are available for download in the members area – Society for Neurodiversity Group and from the event calendar.

By order of the Board of charity trustees

Mr Allan Howorth – Main contact

6th March 2023



As part of this process and as required by the Charity Commission, we have published a number of key documents relating to the charity, which are available for download in pdf format.

Trustees Annual Report 2021

Trustees Annual Report 2022

S4Nd Annual Accounts 2021

S4Nd Annual Accounts 2022

Attending the AGM

If you are interested in attending the AGM, please visit the event page in the Calendar section.

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