Events and activities

Events and activities

We run a range of events and activities that offer opportunities to connect with like-minded people. Some events are open to everyone and some are for S4Nd members only. To access all our events and activities, join or log in.

Whats On


Celebrating neurodiversity. Every day. Calendar What’s on and when Our gatherings, events and discussions offer opportunities for neurodiverse people to connect.

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Online classes

Our online classes are designed to be beneficial for neurodiverse people and are delivered by instructors who are neurodivese themselves. Choose from yoga and tai

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Online Moot

Online Moots

Celebrating neurodiversity. Every day. Online Moots A moot is a meeting or gathering of people to socialise, share information and get to know one another.

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Peer Support Groups

S4Nd’s peer support groups are run by and for neurodiverse people. The groups offer members mutual support, guidance and the sharing of information.All S4Nd peer support groups are open to anyone who identifies as neurodiverse. Groups are held monthly on Sundays using Zoom and take place from 2.30-4pm. They follow the same principles as the Moots

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