Online Moots

A moot is a meeting or gathering of people to socialise, share information and get to know one another.

Moots at S4Nd are either online or in real life and are designed to be as accessible as possible.Taking part in an S4Nd Online Moot is totally flexible, you can join anonymously if you’re concerned about privacy, at any time (punctuality is not required) without ‘joining in’ – participation is not necessary, with your camera and mic off (it’s ok to lurk!), using the chat function instead of speaking.

You don’t have to stay for the whole duration of a Moot, you can leave whenever you want. You can even leave temporarily and re-join later if you need a break.

We have created a Group dedicated to Online Moots and Members (who are signed into the Members Area) can access the group and find out more information here.  

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