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Talk to us

Help to develop S4Nd.


The foundation and framework for the society for neurodiversity are currently being built. We don’t have funding yet to do everything members have told us they want and need. Our current offer is all we are able to give right now.

Many of you have said you want to help, now you can. You can help us by talking to us. Tell us what has been helpful, what we can do better, what you disagree with, what you need and any ideas and suggestions you have for future projects.


We evaluate everything we do and feedback is very important to us. Getting good feedback is important, it reinforces that we are on the right track. What really helps is feedback that tells us how to do things better, or if there is something missing that you need or would find useful.

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Policy and procedure. Complaints Policy We view complaints as an opportunity for us to learn and improve to meet the needs of our members.  We

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