Creative Writing

Creative Writing

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What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a form of writing that goes beyond the traditional realms of normal, professional, academic or technical forms of writing. 

Instead, it encompasses a number of different genres and styles across a whole range of fields of both fictional and non-fiction writing; storytelling, playwriting, poetry, prose, journalistic, and more. 

Though the definition can be quite vague, creative writing can, for the most part, be considered as any type of writing that is original and expressive of oneself. Typically, it can be identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, focusing on elements such as character development, narrative and plot, infusing its structure with imagination, invention and story. 

In this sense, creative writing can technically be considered any writing of contemporary, original composition – it’s bound by no standard conventions and uses a whole range of elements in its craft.

In an academic setting, creative writing is typically divided into fiction, poetry, or scriptwriting classes, with a focus on writing in an original style, not defined by pre-existing structures and genres. 

Creative Writing classses

Begin a bookWe have secured successful self-published author AnnMarie Wyncoll to support us in our Creative Writing sessions.
Online and from her offices in rural Wiltshire she offers a range of courses to suit every writer regardless of skill, experience or knowledge.
Her approach is unique, she gives inspiration and guidance throughout the entire journey from idea conception to holding that very first novel in your hands – if that’s a goal you want to chase. AnnMarie empowers individuals to express themselves in workds and for her it is about the emotion, about being able to give the gift of the written word to others.
After spending time with AnnMarie every writer will feel valued, inspired, educated, motivated and above all will have the desire and tools to achieve.
The goals don’t have to be complicated. Reaching them is what counts.
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We want to acknowledge the help we have received from Two Ridings Community Foundation – their support and funding has made it possible for S4Nd to offer this class to you.