Community Area

Community Area

Contribute, share, learn and connect


When you become a member of the Society for Neurodiversity, you gain access to the Community area of our website – a safe, private space where you can share interests, ask and answer questions, make friends and help build our online community. To access become a member or log in.

Our Community area is a safe space.  It is private – you need to be a logged in member to access it and view its content. There are no advertisements, suggested websites etc. and we will never share your data.  

If you agree (when becoming a member), we will send you email and/or text updates to keep you up to date with what is happening here at S4Nd. 


Profile and Dashboard

Everything in our Community area revolves around our members. Your sign up information forms the basis of your profile.  You have full control over what information you share (if any) – by default all your information is hidden other than your Display Name and Nickname which are visible to other users. 

As well as your profile page, we have created a dashboard for you where you have quick and convenient access to useful information including this weeks events and recent activity from our community. 

News Feed

Our Community area includes a News feed – a two way activity “wall” showing information on scheduled events, discussions and updates from other members.  Your updates can include images and documents – you can even include GIF’s and emojis!


Browse our interest groups and join any that you like (or create your own) and share your interests. Groups have their own News feed.  

You can easily upload and share pictures and documents and send Group messages as well as inviting other members to join your group.   


All our groups have Discussion boards (similar to forums) where you can find useful information or ask and answer questions. Easily access your Discussions from your Dashboard.