Designed to benefit neurodiverse people.


We run a range of therapeutic activities that offer opportunities to connect with like-minded people. All the activities are designed and planned by members. To access our activities, become a member or log in.

Peer support circle

Peer support

Peer support is emotional support, frequently coupled with practical and informational support. Emotional support refers to the things that people do to make us feel cared for. Find out more.

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ian burgess

Mindful movement

What is Mindful Movement? Put simply, it refers to engaging in different exercises while placing all of your attention (or as much as you can) on the movements of your body as well as your breathing.

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Mindful communication

Non-violent Communication

What is Non-violent Communication (NVC)? NVC also known as Compassionate Communication, fosters compassion and understanding in our interactions with family, friends, workmates and ourselves. Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg PHD, NVC provides a subtle yet powerful framework to support effective communication.

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