Non-violent Communication

Non-violent Communication

Compassionate and honest communication.


What is Non-violent Communication (NVC)?

NVC also known as Compassionate Communication, fosters compassion and understanding in our interactions with family, friends, workmates and ourselves.  Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg PHD, NVC provides a subtle yet powerful framework to support effective communication.

NVC is communication that is compassionate and honest in nature and that takes responsibility for one’s own thoughts, feelings, needs and actions.

Non-violent Communication Classes

Would you like to:

  1. Improve your listening and empathy skills?
  2. Speak up more about the things that matter to you?
  3. Have the tools to transform conflict?
  4. Break patterns of anger, guilt and depression?

So often we think we have communicated effectively, only to discover that that was not the case.  It can be difficult to put our finger on what went wrong and that’s where the theory and practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) comes in.

You will learn how to:

  1. Skillfully listen to friends, family and work mates.
  2. Negotiate for the things that matter to you.
  3. Learn to recognize and live with your values.
  4. Develop your wisdom and the skills to create a happier more effective life.

Mindful CommunicationThe classes are delivered by Carolyn Davies, CNVC Certified Trainer from Mindful Communication. For further information, you can email Carolyn at

The classes will run on a Friday and are delivered online via Zoom – you can get the link by visiting our Calendar

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Start time 7pm. Duration 90 minutes

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Other resources

Head over to our NVC Group in the Community Area and join the conversation.

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Missed a class? Don’t worry, you can catch up with course content (including recordings of the weekly classes) and other resources in our online learning area.

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We want to acknowledge the help we have received from Two Ridings Community Foundation – their support and funding has made it possible for S4Nd to offer this class to you.