Who we are

Who we are

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About us

S4Nd is a neurodivergent member-led community-based organisation. Often, people join S4Nd because they need help. Charities exist to help people when a need arises. Convention dictates that people go to an organisation that offers help for their specific need and once that need is satisfied the relationship ends. S4Nd wants that the relationship to continue.

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We are a national, member-led organisation of neurodiverse or neurodivergent people. We exist to promote greater embracing and understanding of neurodiversity, campaign for equality and inclusion for neurodiverse people and to encourage self-empowerment and mutual support amongst the neurodiverse community.

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Our mission

We are a Society for Neurodiversity, a member-led organisation of neurodivergent people and we call ourselves S4Nd (pronounced ‘Sand’).

S4Nd is a social model of disability advocate and directly opposed to exclusion. We are not disabled because we are autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic, Tourettic or because we have ADHD*, we are disabled by society – in its environments and attitudes. S4Nd’s mission is to eradicate ableism by collaborating with people and organisations to change the rules, remove the barriers and push back boundaries for everyone.

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