About us

About us

Creating a new kind of community.


S4Nd is a neurodivergent member-led community-based organisation. Often, people join S4Nd because they need help. Charities exist to help people when a need arises. Convention dictates that people go to an organisation that offers help for their specific need and once that need is satisfied the relationship ends. S4Nd wants that relationship to continue. 

On a practical level, our community supports individuals that are struggling, but that’s not all we do. Check out What we do and our Mission and Values. We hope that will encourage you to become a member. Membership enables access to the Community area. S4Nds mission is aspirational and we will only be successful if we work together as a community.

On the second Monday of the month, we have a Monthly Members Meeting (MMM). Right now, we are building the foundations and framework of what S4Nd will become. Our meetings use interactive software called Aha Slides which enables the Management board to gather members thoughts, opinions and ideas. 

S4Nd is similar in principle to a friendly society. Friendly societies were membership organisations that provided a financial safety net for people and their families when they were unable to earn because of illness, disability or old age. Workers regularly contributed small sums that were known as ‘penny policies’ for the benefit of the community. Pre-dating the welfare state, people would join, often according to their religious, political, or trade affiliations for a common financial or social purpose. 

Friendly societies could only provide financial assistance in times of need because of the regular contributions from its members. Whilst financial contributions in the form of a donation are always welcome, S4Nd members contribute their time, information, knowledge, experience, expertise, ideas, friendship, care and feedback.  

S4Nd understands, sees, hears and knows the community it serves. Our community requires different solutions to those offered in contemporary helping services, so S4Nd is different. Whilst there are plans for S4Nd to be on every high street in the UK, S4Nd is primarily based online. 

Being accessible is one of S4Nd’s founding principles and it is our intention to eradicate digital and environmental exclusion and create spaces that are accessible to everyone. Inaccessible websites create barriers for people. S4Nd uses web accessibility software, ‘Recite Me’. This creates an inclusive experience online by providing tools that enables everyone to customise our website in a way that works for them.

There is more to do. S4Nd will continuously work to develop and improve the website and the community area to meet everyone’s needs. Improvements are based on feedback, let us know what you think.

Many of the barriers to participation have been removed, essentially members are not obliged or expected to interact or participate. S4Nd hopes that members accessing the community area will still feel connected and that in time they will feel safe and welcome and that will encourage members to become involved how and when they are ready.

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